vintoCON’s website has been refreshed

We have released all of our softwares running in a web browser. Then why not update our website to represent the new web world we are acting in?

We have spent our last 4 years to develop, the web FM software system that is also available as hosted service (SaaS). During this time we have created mobile tools running on Android and iPad platforms and also a system called Share Your Design, that is to help the communication and collaboration between architects, their clients and all people involved into a construction or renovation.

As we have finished with these developments and released the first ever version of ArchiFM running on the web we decided to refresh our website too. This new website introduces the company vintoCON, and doesn’t detail anything about the products, as every one of them has its own dedicated website. To get there just simply select one of the products at the left-topmost part of the screen, and get to the respective product introduction site.

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