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ArchiFM Sample Database and Plan

ArchiFM 13 Sample Plan
ArchiFM Sample Database and Plan
ArchiFM Sample Plan contains Graphisoft main building in Graphisoft Park. CAFM related element of the drawing is converted and synchronized with ArchiFM Database. Additionally the sample database contains information about Costs, Tenants, etc… You can make analytical reports on Space usage, Asset inventory, Room categories and detailed information on Tenant costs.
Training and introductory videos
ArchiFM, the true and only BIM for Facilities Managers

Let’s take a look at how much ArchiFM can take out from a BIM model, how easy is to use it for reporting/analysis, and how seamless is the integration between the drawing and the standardized CAFM database (MSSQL/Oracle)
ArchiFM BIM – how to start on with a project

When switching from the world of paper/XLS to CAFM, having the BIM model can be a great help. Importing data from the existing BIM models, Excel sheets can radically accelerate implementing a professional CAFM product. See how ArchiFM can utilize existing BIM data.
Cost allocation in ArchiFM

Plan and track your costs easily by using ArchiFM. No matter whether it is running operating cost or just one actual invoice, store and handle them with the same transparency. The financial data can be exchanged with any financial system like SAP or Oracle financials seamlessly.
The Virtual Building enhances the CAFM world

When dealing with CAFM systems, it is always hard to identify facility components and structure managed to be managed. Using the Virtual Buidiling (BIM) Model this becomes an easy job.
BIM facilitates tenant management graphically

The BIM (Virtual Building) world gives more opportunities than just a database for CAFM users and managers. Running graphical reports on a 3D BIM model facilitates everyday analysis of building utilization. PDF reports, clear datasheets let decision makers get clear numbers of the effectiveness of their portfolio.
Graphical inventory of building assets

See how easy to manage your asset inventory by using the BIM (Virtual Building) model. Every change entered graphically is represented in the inventory data reports within seconds, and this works vice-versa as well. For managing large asset portfolios, acquiring building inventories there are also PDA solutions that can fill graphical inventory data into ArchiFM. Check out OrthoGraph solutions as well.
ArchiFM – SAP integration

ArchiFM and SAP through their flawless integration can provide exact financial data of your facility portfolio anytime you need.