Would you like to get information or purchase a CAFM software for your company? Are you interested about vintoCON products?

We are glad to give you qualified support with your question, please feel free to contact us!

What we can do for you is to help you understand our products, to get informed about our leading edge technology:

  • We make online webinars/dedicated presentations for you!
  • Give us information of your requested topic, date and location, and we will develop a custom presentation dedicated for your company!
  • Have you got already CAD (ArchiCAD or any other CAD formats) files and/or CAFM data of your buildings? Send us one and we will use it for our presentation!
  • We help you to learn why is it worth to start using a CAFM application and how much you can save using it!
  • We involve our partners to the presentations and for your support in your location!
  • In case of large projects we give you special offers, ask for them!
  • Have you got a special request? Let’s discuss it, we give solutions to any questions!
  • We give on-line support to any of our clients with sharing our screens to make it effective!
  • We assist you to setup your own hosted system either for the trial or for long term use

Contact us! We can work together to develop your dedicated custom CAFM solution.