CAFM Consultation

CAFM Consultation

Here is an overview of the initial consulting we offer you:

For an introduction to our services, we offer a non-binding presentation at our or your office, or with one of our partners. We can also offer you a combination with the software package of ArchiCAD for the building design/plans and Cymap for all building services. Before a presentation, inform us of your specifics and we will develop a custom presentation for your company. If requested, we can present our software on the basis of your existing CAD-data.

Would you like to try our software on your own first? No Problem! On our website you can try ArchiFM WebServer solutions by a direct test-access.

To ease your decision, we can assemble a solution package that is customized to your needs and we can create a concept to implement the software in your office or facility. We will also support you with inventory of your property or we can provide an experienced partner who can take over for you.

Contact us! We can offer you a custom solution.