By every large enterprise company all enterprise resource planning systems should act as one common solution to be the most effective. As a part of that the CAFM system is also required to run and work as an integrated part of the existing ERP system.

All vintoCON products – including the main product – provides several integration possibilities to external systems. This allows e.g. to get personal, cost center and asset inventory data e.g. from SAP or other financial systems and provide back work order statuses, breakdown report tasks with their planned costs and all rental information. The level of integration is always set up together with the customer so that the customized solution can seamlessly act as a part of the existing ERP system. It is important to mention that is mainly a technical application that extends the current functionality of the existing ERP system (e.g. SAP or Oracle Financials) with process oriented maintenance management and CAD supported graphical asset management.

In addition to the financial system integration as a computer aided facility management system provides even more: the integration possibility to building automation and data acquisition systems. Our users can benefit from this kind of integration in getting automatic breakdown reports, used utility numbers based on real usage, therefore the calculation of rental and service fees can be calculated on real measured values. Additionally with proper system setups can protect from breakdowns generating preventive maintenance activities based on usage or any kind of preset values that can trigger preventive actions before unplanned system shutdowns.

This video shows a sample integration functionality between vintoCON’s system and a GSM based data acquisition system developed by MOHAnet and an on-site data collection system created by Digiterra.

All important functions of is prepared to save and import MS Excel files to easily set up integration functionality to other systems, and also to support the rapid initialization of a new installation. If there is a demand for having automated data transfer based on on-line continuous or off-line repetitive data communication, then the group of vintoCON and its partners can provide these development with short release periods.