We know how important it is to provide additional services related to any CAFM software deployment. There are always user specific demands in the work process, software parameterization, reporting and data migration that has to be fulfilled during the project implementation. Although many customization can be done by the end-user directly, typically our users ask for help, they request for solutions and not just for the technology.

Besides that we are a CAFM technology provider, we provide these services either directly or through our partners. This allows us to always be up-to-date, local specific, and represent ourselves everywhere in the world.

The typical project steps and related services we provide are:

  1. Consultation – to find out your demands
  2. System Planning – to commonly understand the system to deploy
  3. Integration with ERP and building automation systems – CAFM systems must be a part of main decision making systems
  4. Custom Development – creating dedicated functionality to user demands
  5. Building-Survey Services – The proper CAFM calculations and services should be based on well measured as-builts
  6. Asset Inventory Services – To know what is going to be managed
  7. BIM Modeling – as our technology gives more than just the alphanumeric of graphical data
  8. Data Migration – reusing the existing data stored in many electronic formats like Excel, Word, XML etc.
  9. Training – the successful implementation requires you to be alble to hand over all the know-hows to the users
  10. Continuous Support – we take care of our clients, that’s the foundation of our principles