To create the best technology it is necessary to base on strong, core technologies and an experienced partner network. At vintoCON we focus on creating computer aided facility managemenent technology, the know-how that we gathered during the 15 years we work in the CAFM segment. Everything else that is required to produce the best CAFM software for our users and to give the best services to them we provide through our partners.

vintoCON’s technology partners:

GS logo Graphisoft SE BIM based ArchiCAD developer
DevExpress Logo Developer Express Inc. user experience and workflow management technology provider
Digiterra Logo Digiterra Navigation and site survey system for off-road asset localization and maintenance
MOHAnet Logo MOHAnet Mobile data acquisition hardware systems, on-site data measurements and transfer based on GRPS technology
OrthoGraph Logo OrthoGraph Mobile building survey applications
ProFMSoftware Logo ProFM Inc. Background technology for CAFM data management
photometric logo Photometric Kft. Building surveys

vintoCON’s additional service partners:

WIFI Hungária Kft. logo WIFI Hungaria Kft. Facility Managemenet post graduate courses