Established by the previous management of Graphisoft’s ArchiFM business department as a spin-off company, vintoCON continues to develop the famous CAFM product portfolio of Graphisoft and makes all the related services available as well. More than 20 years of experience in software development mixed with dynamism and the full focus on the CAFM market made vintoCON a leading Central European CAFM technology and service provider.

The flagship product of vintoCON, the CAFM software system with related implementation and project management services are brought to the market in the USA, Japan, Austria, Hungary, Germany, and in numerous other countries by a direct-sales organization in combination with a network of independent partner companies.

vintoCON has always focused on computer aided facility management software development, and all products, services that are closely related to CAFM. As the result the ArchiFM technology (1st released in 1998) has been further developed to a new, leading edge technology with its new name What our technology brings to the users are the freedom of the web with a full, wide range facility management functionality. Our technology uses ArchiCAD as the 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) source of data as well as the graphical editor and reporting engine of

For on-site work we have implemented several mobil software solutions that support helpdesk and work order management of facility maintenance activities on Android mobile platform. A small step further our Share Your Design (SyD) web service with its related mobile applications set up a new standard of the collaboration between architect, the building owner, the employees of the constuction company and anyone involved in a planning/construction or building renovation process. Share Your Design is available in any web browser, but with the iPad/iPhone/Android versions it even supports the making of photos on-site, and clarifying any questions between parties directly on the spot.

By partnering with other software development companies we filled up such functionalities that are not exact CAFM activites, but are necessary to succeed with the everyday CAFM tasks. Such is OrthoGraph who creates professional building survey systems for mobile devices, ProFM Inc. who is providing core technology to our software as well as acting as an independent distribution company of vintoCON products in several countries or DevExpress who provides stunning, easy-to-use user interface controls to our applications.

If you are interested about our products, then please choose one from the selection list at the topmost selection line of this webpage or feel free to contact us for a demo or with any questions.