ArchiFM gains more ground in Japan

TOKYO, May 13 – vintoCON® announced today that the Japanese version of its renowned CAFM software, the latest version of ArchiFM® has been released.

vintoCON, the leading international CAFM software developer company has made important announcements at a press conference today. The event was organized jointly with Graphisoft, the worldwide leader of BIM based architectural CAD software vendors as well as with vintoCON’s local representative, Extreme, one of the major FM solution providers in Japan. vintoCON has been active in Japan since late 2009 and during this period has closed several important deals with major general contractor companies. Following these initial successes, vintoCON announced today the latest version of ArchiFM fully localized into Japanese. This new release is not just compatible with ArchiCAD 15, the latest version of Graphisoft’s world famous architectural design software but it also delivers important feature enhancements, like improved move management offering effective supplement to ArchiCAD’s new renovation tool.

According to vintoCON’s local marketing strategy the primary segment being in its focus is the group of major local Zenekons and then, similarly to numerous other countries, vintoCON plans to progressively expand to other segments, such as banks, universities, hospitals, governmental organizations and so on. vintoCON also revealed its future development strategy: the soon to be released new ArchiCAD addons  and mobile solutions supporting effective document and maintenance management will certainly contribute to the market expansion. An important part of this strategy is to co-operate with major local partners like the Nagoya based Extreme who has just opened its new Tokyo office.

‘We’re very optimistic about our Japanese expansion: ArchiFM works in seamless integration with Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD, the most widely used BIM based architectural design software in Japan. In addition, Japan, with the large number of Zenekons where we’re traditionally very successful in many countries, is an ideal market for us. We’re sure that, with a powerful local partner, like Extreme, these opportunities can be converted into real business successes soon. – said Mr. Ádám Korbuly, CEO of vintoCON.

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