Reviews on vintoCON’s brand new BIM FM cloud service, – Japan

There have been two new reviews on published in Japan recently. The reviews are about vintoCON’s brand new BIM FM cloud service, vintoCON’s local distributor, Sherpa Ltd. has thoroughly tested the software running on HP Z220 SFF workstation. They created FM database from several ArchiCAD graphical 3D models into through the use of HP workstations. The result was outstanding, the software runs smoothly at high speed while working in seamless integration with ArchiCAD’s genuine BIM models.

„Facility Management has been paper-based process – in comibination with drawings and documents – so far. This method saves thousands of man-hours, I should say. Moreover, after personnel changes or relocations of offices, data between drawings and documents were often mismatched. Since BIM model and FM database are synchronized, not only efficiency of FM process, but data management is also improved.” said Toshikazu Takamatsu, Managing Director of Sherpa Ltd. provides all necessary functions for facility management – asset management, finance, human resource management, maintenance etc. – meeting with demands of clinents, such as building owners, general contractors (Zenekons).

Another advantage of is intoroducing Cloud computing technology to facility management. For example, this makes possible to create breakdwon reports directly from database, from anywhere, and all workflow based maintenance process data are stored in one common database.

Through the process, Sherpa can recommend HP machine meeting the demands for BIM-FM business.

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